22 Delicious Chocolate Recipes


These red wine chocolate truffles are exquisite! The chocolate and berry flavors, in this no bake dessert, match so well! Plus, this is a really easy chocolate truffle recipe to make.They’re great for special parties or as a gift…or just for you!

From: sugarandcharm

Soft Batch Chocolate M&M Cookies

These Soft Batch Chocolate M&M Cookies are super fudgy and so decadent! Loaded with M&M candies, these chocolate cookies are kid friendly, but also loved by adults.

From: bakerbynature


These Double Chocolate Pancakes are soft, fluffy and so decadent. In addition to cocoa powder and chocolate chips in the batter, these pancakes are drizzled with a chocolate ganache for another dose of chocolate. They make perfect weekend breakfast for true chocolate lovers!

From: giverecipe


Putting together a Chocolate Grazing Platter has never been so easy… all you need is 5 minutes and a whole lot of your favourite chocolates!!!

From: bakeplaysmile

Baked Chocolate Donuts

Easy and quick to make, these bites of heaven can cure any chocolate craving. With or without sprinkles, these are festive and fun because they don’t get fried up, so they’re a little healthier for you too!

From: cookedbyjulie


These molten chocolate lava cakes (also known as chocolate fondants) hide a core of gooey chocolate inside their sponge shell. A delicious and easy dessert in your Instant Pot or oven.

From: supergoldenbakes

Decadent Chocolate Milkshake

This milkshake is naturally vegan and gluten-free (no ice cream here) but it is thick, creamy, and feels just as indulgent as regular ice cream. It’s also made just a handful of ingredients, and takes seconds to make. Even my husband, who is a chocolate and ice cream snob of the highest order, dubbed this recipe a success.

From: willcookforfriends


This Brownie Milkshake is a super decadent treat every chocolate lover should taste at least once! Loaded with brownie chunks and decorated with ganache, this milkshake is packed with delicious chocolate flavour.

From: queensleeappetit

Dark Chocolate Cake

Moist, rich, chocolaty perfection, something that every chocolate fan should taste, this is one of those must-have recipes.

From: cakescottage

Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake

A very chocolatey, moist Chocolate Fudge Cake that is similar to chocolate mud cake, but not as dense. Made with both melted chocolate and cocoa, AND topped with chocolate ganache, this one is sure to satisfying your chocolate cravings!

From: recipetineats

Chocolate Cobbler

This quick dessert has a warm, fudgy pudding covered with a moist chocolate cake. It’s like a chocolate lava cake, but wayyyy easier and just as delicious. Top it with a scoop of ice cream, and good luck putting that spoon down! 😉

From: dancearoundthekitchen


These homemade choco tacos are a great treat, and can be personalized with any ice cream flavor. Fun to make and delicious the perfect Taco Tuesday treat!

From: ashleemarie


Moist, rich, cupcakes with intense chocolate flavor in every bite. These are the ultimate chocolate cupcakes!

From: lifemadesimplebakes

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Now as you know I’m a diehard chocolate lover, so it’s no surprise my birthday cake this year is a salted caramel chocolate cake! It’s three layers of heaven! And surprisingly easy to bake.

From: bakerbynature

dark chocolate covered coconut bars.

If there was ever a homemade chocolate bar to love, it has to be these coconut bars. Oh my gosh, they are healthy…ish and to die for. Dark chocolate, toasted coconut, peanut butter…might just be one of the best combos…ever.

From: halfbakedharvest

Easy Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

These easy chocolate cheesecake bars feature an oreo cookie crust, creamy chocolate cheesecake filling, and chocolate ganache! So decadent and a chocolate lovers dream come true! Preheat your oven and get ready for this to become one of your favorite dessert recipes!

From: bakerbynature

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